Tap Out Foundation

Chantel Dural is the President and CEO of TapOut Foundation. With a professional background as a healthcare professional (including mental health) and personal life circumstances as a single mother, Chantel began working fervently to create ways to establish a straight path of self sustainability. Her solo relentless efforts continued to grow, leading to the decision to develop a safe haven for individuals to get a solid support system needed in order to increase low economic mobility nationwide in 2017. Teaming up with like minded individuals TapOut Foundation was launched in April 2020.

Since the very beginning she discovered a financial gap and the needs in this gap going unnoticed daily. As a single parent of today, the gap is detrimental to the foundation of society! It keeps us working 2-3 jobs to come home and barely afford to buy food, let alone going through life wondering when will it get better. We were not created in lack of! We are here to govern our selves and help others so there will be NO lack. Chantel’s vision for TapOut Foundation has been to provide tangible assistance to families and advocate for individuals experiencing homelessness poverty domestic violence unforeseen crisis and/or low economic mobility. That vision is fulfilled in TapOut Foundation by having boots on the ground daily, building rapport with community leaders to create a diverse dynamic that result in positive change, by providing a hands on (client centered) approach to helping individuals obtain the resources needed to increase low economic mobility and maintain self sustainability; As well as the ongoing food program for working families and job training skill programs for high risk families.



Our mission is to provide assistance to individuals experiencing poverty, homelessness, domestic violence, unforeseen crisis and/or low economic mobility.