Proverbs 10:22💕| Content Creator + Consultant ✨| Changing narratives for women and turning hobbies into profitable businesses 💰| Author📚|

Dr. Dee is a graduate of Regent University’s School of Business and Leadership with a Doctor of Strategic

Leadership. Throughout her academic career, Dr. Dee has received numerous awards which include Winston Salem State University’s “Outstanding Leadership Award”, Regent University’s “Global Missions Aw ard” , “2019 Woman of Purpose and Leadership Award” and much more.

Dr. Dee is the CEO of Koinonia Training and Consulting an international consulting business that specializes in strategic planning, branding, leadership development and life coaching. She is a nationally syndicated podcast founder and host of the show “Hey Sis”, a podcast designed for Christian millennial women.

Dr. Dee Evans has authored numerous books which include: A Book of Prayers: A Guide For Intercession, Deliverance and Spiritual Warfare, Procrastination: A Kingdom Perspective On The Theology Of Work. She is a internationally respected author, blogger and theologian.

In sum, Dee Evans has a passion for female entrepreneurship a1nd transformational leadership in Hampton Roads.