About Us


Our mission is to unite and empower all humanity with the tools and resources to financially free and uplift themselves from the fear and uncertainty that the world’s current social and economic challenges present.

iHERO is more than a brand, it is a declaration that you will come to your own rescue, and that by joining with us you will save yourself and help save countless others in the process.

It’s okay to be worried but it’s tragically wrong to not take action. Unemployment and underemployment has skyrocketed to some of the highest levels in history! If YOU don’t act fast you may not be in the position to ensure that you and your loved ones will be safe and secure. Now is the moment where you decide… “Do you want to sit still and just merely survive, or do you want to take action NOW and thrive?”

This is an open invitation for you to join a growing community of resilient everyday superheroes, who have simply made the decision to be proactive instead of reactive, in the pursuit of bettering their world. We mix love-in-action with technology to heroically empower our members to take action and transform their lives from ordinary to extraordinary.

So right now as the whole world is searching for a hero, we encourage you to simply raise your hand and say i…


I pledge to seek, nourish, & cultivate
greater love & compassion for myself.
I pledge to commit myself to the task of
bettering my financial present & future.
I pledge to spread love, positivity, &
opportunity to everyone that I can.
I pledge to compassionately
share my Superpower!