5 Ways to Keep Your Heart Healthy

1 in 4 deaths are the result of heart disease. By adopting a few healthy habits, you could help to fend off heart disease and live a long and happy life. Here are just five ways to protect your heart.

Eat the right foods

One of the most common causes of heart disease is a poor diet. Fatty foods often get the blame – but really it’s one particular fat known as trans fats. These are processed fats often found in cakes and fast food. By increasing bad cholesterol and clogging up arteries, they can increase your risk of a stroke or heart attack.

By reducing these fats, you can reduce the risk of heart disease. Meanwhile, eating more fish, nuts and berries could improve your heart’s health.

Exercise regularly

Not getting enough exercise can result in weaker heart muscles and can negatively affect circulation, increasing the risk of blood clots. Those of us that work sedentary jobs including office work or driving are often most at risk.

Finding time for physical activity on a daily basis could help to reduce these health risks. This could include exercising before or after work or even taking a brisk walk on your lunch break to get the heart pumping.

Quit smoking

Smoking is bad for just about every part of the body – but it’s impact on the heart can be lethal. Chemicals inhaled during smoking can lead to plaque build-up in the arteries, as well as increasing blood pressure. This can also put tremendous pressure on the heart.

By quitting smoking, you could massively improve the health of your heart and circulation. There are lots of ways to give up smoking from taking up vaping to trying hypnosis. It’s worth also being wary of second-hand smoke as this has also been linked to heart disease.

Get enough sleep

You should also make sure that you’re sleeping enough. A lack of sleep puts extra strain on the heart and raises blood pressure. This can increase the risk of a stroke or heart attack.

We should all be getting six to nine hours of sleep per night. If you’re not getting this amount of sleep, consider ways in which you can up your sleep whether it’s going to bed earlier or finding time for naps during the day. Some of us struggle to get to sleep or may wake up a lot during the night – there are lots of tricks that can get you sleeping better and more easily. Reducing stress could just be one way to improve sleep quality, which leads onto the next point…

Live stress free

Stress is a big cause of heart disease. When we are stressed, our blood pressure increases and so does our heart rate. Chronic stress as a result can put immense strain on the heart, leading to many heart problems.

You can’t always cut stress out of your life, but there are ways of reducing stress when it does occur such as meditating after, exercising or taking a hot bath. Reducing stress could improve many other aspects of your general health, including leading to a healthier mind.

Thank you for reading! Here’s to having happy, healthy hearts ❤️


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